Georgian-European Higher Education Institution (GEU)

Georgian-European Higher Education Institution (GEU) a higher educational establishment is founded by foreign and Georgian partners. It is located in the center of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia and provides a high level academic environment meeting all internationally recognized safety standards. GEU executes Georgian as well as English language-based study programs. Our students enjoy the opportunity of taking one semester-long (or more) course of studies in Germany (Duale Hochschule Baden Wurttemberg/DHBW –Karlsruhe). Also GEU is a partner university of Erasmus + in Spain (University of Alcalá). Besides the above mentioned there is an Agreement between Poland (Jagiellonian University in Krakow) and Ukraine (Open International University of Human Development "Ukraine") Universities on the mobility of GEU students as well as academic personnel.


GEU is a higher education institution founded by Georgian and foreign partners whose main purpose is to create and implement bachelor programs, as well as vocational programs and other education programs allowed by legislation.
The aim of the institution is to satisfy high demand of society for competitive labor-market oriented education, through preserving Georgian educational traditions and sharing-implementing European education.

GEU’s mission – “Create market-oriented educational programs according to public interests and European experience, care for decent study conditions and enhance study quality, instill internationalization in education sphere, develop study partnerships, facilitate free movement of students and academic/training stuff.”

GEU is committed to constantly review and update its mission, to ensure compliance with the challenges of state, society and changing requirements of labor market.

offered programs

Bachelor of Business Administration Georgian-European Higher Education Institution (GEU) Fall/Spring Bachelor English 2500 USD