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East European University (EEU) is one of the outstanding universities in Georgia.  EEU strives to ensure implementation international educational standards in teaching and research and to build notable educational center in Georgia. EEU offers excellent educational and research environment guaranteed by modern academic programs, high-qualified professors and best infrastructure. All the facilities important for studying and scientific activities are concentrated in the university.

In 2012 EEU obtained authorization from the Ministry of education and Science of Georgia and in a very short period of time made an impressive progress in building credible educational center which was trusted by more than 20 000 entrants from 2013-2016 Unified Entry Examinations.

There are the following faculties at the University: Healthcare Sciences, Law, Business and Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences. EEU runs 18 Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree programs both in Georgian and English languages in the following fields: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Business administration, Agribusiness, Human resources management, Law, Architecture, Education management, International relations, Philology and Healthcare sciences.

For international students EEU offers English Medium Program of Medicine (MD) (http://eeu.edu.ge/en/portfolio/undergraduate-medical-education-md/), English Medium Program of Pharmacy (http://eeu.edu.ge/en/portfolio/bachelors-program-in-pharmacy/) and English Medium Program of Dentistry (http://eeu.edu.ge/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Undergraduate-dental-education.pdf).

Moreover, EEU offers English Medium Georgian-French program in Business Administration (BBA) (http://eeu.edu.ge/en/portfolio/georgian-french-bachelors-program-in-business-administration-bba/) in collaboration with „Uniman“ - Academy of Management and Performance (Grenoble, France) and Georgian-British master program in Business Administration (MBA) (http://eeu.edu.ge/en/portfolio/georgian-british-masters-program-in-business-administration-mba/) in collaboration with Sunderland University (London, UK).  The programs give students unique opportunity to obtain double British-Georgian or French-Georgian degree.

Undergraduate Medical Education (MD) Program offers high quality medical education to Georgian and International Students and is based on the analysis and experience of the Western and Georgian Universities. Western standards as well as the requirements of the up-to-date market are taken into consideration. MD Program is offered in collaboration with EEU provider hospitals (http://eeu.edu.ge/en/learning-in-eeu/clinics/), which are the best and well-known medical centers in Georgia. The EEU provider hospitals are distinguished by their high-tech equipments and modern environment. Students will be offered clinical courses and medical practice there. Furthermore the courses are delivered by highly qualified academic staff and invited lecturers from UK.  

Every year EEU offers exclusive opportunities for the 10 best MD program students to travel to Germany and make paid internships in German clinics.

Besides above mentioned EEU training center offers various one year Certificate Courses (http://www1.eeu.edu.ge/trainings/?ena=eng) for international students in English language.

Herewith, for international students EEU provides health insurance and offers accommodation opportunities as well. Also, for students EEU arranges guided tours around Georgia that helps students to get acquainted and adapted with each other and the new environment in short period of time.

EEU is prominent with highly qualified academic staff, world-wide famous Georgian and Overseas professors, motivated practitioners and young qualified specialists, intensive partnership with many European Universities, which allows many American, Austrian, British and French professors to be involved in the implementation all educational programs.

EEU has intensive partnership with many European and UK Universities (http://eeu.edu.ge/en/international-partners-and-relations/partners/) that gives EEU students a wide range of opportunities to participate in exchange programs, winter and summer schools, conferences and internships. Furthermore EEU has partnership with the state agencies, public and private organizations. Professional networking, possibility to be employed and additional facilities for development gives EEU programs much more significance.

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Admissions for fall semester of 2017-2018 academic year is open now.

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offered programs

Undergraduate Medical Education (MD) East European University (EEU) Fall/Spring Bachelor English 4500 USD
Pharmacy East European University (EEU) Fall/Spring Bachelor English 3500 USD
Undergraduate Dental Education (DDM) East European University (EEU) Fall/Spring Doctor English 8000 USD
Georgian-French in Business Administration (BBA) East European University (EEU) Fall/Spring Bachelor English 4000 USD
Business Administration (BBA) East European University (EEU) Fall/Spring Bachelor English 4000 USD