Batumi Navigation Teachning University

The mission of Batumi Navigation Teaching University was developed taking into consideration of reforms effective in the field of education of Georgia and necessity of integration of Georgia into the unified European educational system, modern tendencies of world economic advancement, internationalization and rapid development of business processes in Georgia, increasing competition and existing perspectives in local and international labor and education markets: establishment of modern education environment in teaching university, promotion of lifelong learning, meeting of needs regarding acquisition of higher education, professional development and requalification corresponding to the interests and possibilities of a person, conduction of study process and continuous improvement in accordance with reforms effective in the field of education, development and implementation of modern academic, higher (I and II stage) and professional development programs considering effective law on education and labor market demands, promotion of scientific and professional development of professors and teachers, training of young, competitive specialists for Georgian and international education and labor market, with personal, civil and social responsibility, motivated to fulfill their professional obligations, to observe ethical norms, to share universal human values, to continuously improve their competencies and qualification and professional development, as well as with possibilities to fully realize their competencies, knowledge and skills in practical and public activities and to progress in career development as a result of successful public and professional activities."

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